RunGoo Protective Foot Cream reduces blisters by providing a permeable friction barrier between the skin and sock. RunGoo contains lanolin and a balance of both soft and hard waxes to create a foot care cream that protects feet from skin damage in all running sports. It is very effective in reducing blisters and calluses in traditional and “Barefoot” running shoes. Sweat passes through RunGoo, cooling feet and is wicked away by the sock. One application lasts for the entire race, workout, run or game.

Benefits: Foot Blister protection and callus reduction for all running sports during workouts, races and games. Protects against skin damage and significantly reduces blisters on feet, calluses, nerve abrasion and sore feet in traditional and barefoot running shoes, cleats, and other athletic shoes.

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Running, Military, Jogging, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Track and Field and Sport Walking


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